Simple Ways to Prep Your Home for a Spring Sale

Here are three ways to get your home ready to sell in the Spring:

Spring-clean your home. Take the time to do a deep cleaning on your home. Here’s a quick checklist:

  1. Clean your windows.
  2. Consider a fresh coat of interior paint, or at least do touch ups of scrapes and marks.
  3. Clean the grout in your ceramic tile.
  4. Get carpets professionally cleaned.
  5. Clean the furnace filter to show you keep up with the maintenance of the home.
  6. Spruce up your landscaping by trimming bushes and trees and pulling weeds. Plant a few colorful flowers to brighten up your yard.
  7. If you have a pool, get it it clean and inviting, even if it’s still 60 degrees outside.
  8. Consider repainting your door or shutters if they look faded.
  9. Power wash your deck or patio, or paint/re-stain it if it looks weathered.

Clear the clutter. No one wants to see piles of clothes or toys lying around in their potential dream home. Here are some quick ways to de-clutter:

  1. Pack up winter clothes and store them away.
  2. Go through kids’ toys and books to donate or give to a friend in need.
  3. Review your closet and donate any clothes you haven’t worn in the past year.
  4. Pack up your non-essential items and de-personalize the home by taking down photos and kids’ artwork so buyers can picture themselves there.
  5. Go through your garage and get rid of leaky cleaning products, outdoor toys your kids have outgrown and rusty garden tools.

Color coordinate.
Make your home have a common color theme running throughout. You can be bold with color, but make sure everything matches. Choose a color, then invest in replacing a few inexpensive items from discount stores like Target, HomeGoods or Ross:
  1. Bedspreads
  2. Throw pillows
  3. Blanket throws for the couch
  4. Kitchen and/or bath towels
  5. Small area rugs

We hope these tips will get you on the right track for a quick sale in the Spring! If you need more ideas about staging, de-cluttering or finding a local landscaper, please contact us.

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