The Hottest Selling Home Style in 2016

According to, Spanish-style homes, which make up only 1% of current for-sale listings, are on fire, spending a median of just 47 days on the market, half the national average (93 days). Through research they found that Spanish-style homes are mostly located in California’s coastal cities, where the markets are as blistering as beach sands in August.

After Spanish style, traditional homes draw the most eyes—and buyers. This broad category may sound dull, but not to shrewd home buyers with resale value firmly in mind. They know that a mainstream style is likely to appeal to the widest possible swath of buyers.

The opposite side of the spectrum: custom homes, which are sold in 109 days, 17% slower than the national median. So are Craftsman homes that emphasize handiwork and natural materials. They’re prominent in the Pacific Northwest and in Southern California, and are a tough sell these days, as evidenced by their median 103 days on the market.

Worst still: The 19th-century Victorian style, now mostly found on the Northeast, has fallen from favor in recent decades. The vibrant, sometimes wacky color combos (often layered on), carved decorative trim, and asymmetrical shapes just don’t seem to appeal to modern buyers. Go figure.

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